Check Out State Parks

Check Out Colorado Backpack

Reserve your free State Parks Pass and Backpack today by clicking here!

This program is a partnership with the Colorado Department of Education, State Library, local library systems, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife. It is meant to encourage Coloradans to visit our State Parks and experience all of the great outdoor recreation that this state has to offer.

Each backpack, which checks out for one week, includes:

  • State park pass
  • Leave no trace card
  • Activity idea list
  • Colorado trees and wildflower guide
  • Colorado Wildlife guide
  • Guide to Colorado's 41 State Parks
  • Fishing Basics Sheet
  • Binoculars
  • The Night Sky Guide
  • About the "Checkout Colorado" Backpack Laminated Handout
  • Evaluation/Survey

Click here for more information about this program.

Please contact Meagan Huber at (719) 531-6333, x6062 with any questions.


Need a location where they sell in San Diego County I had purchased one a while ago but they don't care in any more I would like to know if there's stores state parks that do carry them

Hello, I would like to sign my three children up for the backpacks please. Their ages are 9,8 and 3. Thank you

People aren't seeing the link to click and reserve their pass, because the link is in very light green. Your webmaster should change the hyperlinked words "clicking here" to a much more visible color, and make them BOLD, also.

The link says unavailable, is this offer no longer going on? If so then the webmaster should take this info down to ease confusion.
Thank you

Hi there. You may have tried to access it while our Catalog is performing maintenance tasks in the early morning hours. Please try again perhaps at a different time. Thanks!

So I reserved my pack, which I think is a super wonderful idea...but I am 259th in the wait list! At a checkout rate of 1 week per patron, I will get a chance to get the pack in about 5 years. Are there plans to add more packs to shorten up the wait times?

Hi Tammy! Thank you for contacting the library! Unfortunately, we are not able to add more packs or passes to our circulating collection per our partnership with Colorado State Library and Colorado State Parks. However, State Parks are always available to visit for a fee ranging from $7-9 per vehicle daily, which funds the use of these areas ( Check the website of the State Park you are interested in visiting for potential deals or discounts. We apologize for the long waiting period, but appreciate your support and patience. Have a wonderful summer, and please let us know if we can assist you with anything else!

i would love to have one of this backpacks, what do i need to do to get one? pleaseeeee....

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