Is there a way to sign up for email notifications for upcoming classes of interest?Thanks

Hi there. The closest we have to that is an RSS feed. Click on calendar view and then click the RSS Feed button at the top of the calendar. Hope this helps!

I dropped a brochure as we teach MindFit classes to Senior Center off Hancock and various location.
I would like to propose a one hour Brain Health class and see if this would launch into a Mind Fit class if there is enough patron interest. Please contact me at your convenience, I dropped the flyers with Sherrie at the Front Desk, Century 21 library.

Hi, I'm Laura. I've recently left my corporate job and have been freelancing as an artist (with success!) I was wondering how someone goes about offering classes to the community for various skills - graphic design, illustration, drawing, prop making, etc.

I am interested in learning creative writing and wondering If 2 study groups below are similar classes, the 21st Century Writers and East Creative Writing group?

The 21st Century Writers meet the first and third Monday of every month in the ENT Conference Center 6-8PM at Library 21c (1175 Chapel Hills Drive).

East Creative Writing Group
When: Monday, September 11, 2017 - 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Where: East Library - 5550 N. Union Blvd. at Annex
This adult group meets to discuss creative fiction and non-fiction writing and poetry, to share ideas with other writers, to work on writing exercises and more. Please contact the East writing group facilitator at 531-6333 ext. 6064, or if you are interested in getting your writing on the list for this month's feedback and discussion.
We look forward to working with you!


Hi there. Neither class teaches creative writing. Instead, they discuss writing and critique each other's work etc.
Hope this helps.

Hello! I'm looking for affordable education on Quickbooks. Online is fine but in person is preferred. Any leads?

I have looked all over the Springs and cannot find any leather work classes. Do any of the PPLD campuses ever offer leather working courses or know of local artists that teach? Thank you!

I see you offer English classes but am wondering if there are ever Spanish classes. Thank you.

Thanks for your question! Currently, PPLD does not have any leather working courses planned, although that could change in the future as we find the opportunity to do so.

I would love if we had more art and craft classes at the fountain location.

Do any of the libraries offer classes on how to use your iphone? Looking for a class for my mother-in-law.

How about some parenting classes for Library 21C? There seems to be a lot of need in the area!

Hi Reba,

Library 21C does not currently offer any parenting classes, but I can tell you about some of the resources we do offer. Twice a year we have a Family Place Playgroup, a 5-week series of workshops where families with children ages 1-3 can come together to play, have a Circle Time, and ask questions of a community resource specialist. The resource specialists change each week, and can answer questions parents have about child development, nutrition, speech/language, music/movement, and early literacy. Our next playgroup is set to start on February 22nd, and registration is now open on our calendar. For more information, you can call the Children’s Desk at (719) 531-6333 x6310. Playgroups will also be happening at Sand Creek and Fountain libraries this year. Library 21c also has a special Parenting Collection located near our play area, filled with books, magazines, and DVDs on a variety of parenting subjects.

You can find other library vetted resources for parents in our PPLD Kids page ( and our Research tab under the subject group of Parenting ( The library database Universal Class has online parenting classes available as well, (

If you are looking for classes to attend in person, the association Parenting Matters of El Paso County is a good resource. Check out their website for more information and to see what classes are coming up on their calendar (

Thank you for your comment!

I'd be interested in taking a Quickbooks class if one is offered!

Thank you

Hi Lulu, if you are interested in enrolling into an ESL class, please call me at (719)531-6333 x2225. Thank you!

Hi there, if you are interested in enrolling into an ESL class, please call (719) 531-6333 x2225. Thank you!

Hi, I would love to teach about options for organizing digital photos as well as secure cloud storage. How do I begin to teach at the Library?


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