Makerspaces are areas within our libraries where we offer access to tools, materials, and machines to help you bring your creative vision to life. In these makerspaces you'll find craft supplies like button makers, jewelcrafting tools, or sewing machines, while others house 3D printers or laser cutters.

Click here for a quick guide to getting started!

To learn more about which tools each makerspace offers, or when they are available for use, select one of the options below.

Make at East
Make at Sand Creek
Make I at Library 21c
Make II at Library 21c
Before you visit our spaces, make sure to familiarize yourself with our Makerspace Policy. Our makerspaces each work a little differently, but you’ll need a few basic things to access all of them:
  • A valid PPLD library card
  • A signed Makerspace Use Agreement
  • Patrons must be at least 9 years of age to be in the spaces
  • Appropriate closed-toed shoes must be worn in the space. Certain machines may also require hair and any dangling items, like jewelry, to be secured.
  • Use of the makerspace machinery is typically free provided that you bring your own materials. 3D printing does have a cost for the filament used based on the final weight of the project. Staff reserve the right to deny the use of certain materials to be used with the machinery.
    • Some select materials are available for purchase in the spaces.
  • Patrons must check in with staff upon arrival in the spaces.


So I was trying to register for the 3d modeling class but when I clicked on the title it did not have the registration information please help.

Hi Noah,

This program does not require registration, so you can just show up.

Have a great day!

I saw a class on Zentangle which was to be taught by the Maker in residence. I thought it was on Sunday September 3, but I cannot find it now. Did I miss it? Thank you.

This is exciting. I have an idea to teach a digital composition and music production class. How would I go about seeking approval to create such a class? I applied to volunteer to teach such a class earlier in the year at the East library and never heard back

Hello, I've enjoyed using the 3D printers to make and build for many things, but some envisioned projects need a flex material. I'm aware of TPU and other flex 3D printer material, is there a possibility to add a flex material to the 3D printers one day?


Thank you for your comment. We will keep this in mind for possibilities for future expansion of services. What we can add will depend on the cost of the materials and hardware, as well as the complexity of the process.

Hi! Is there any way you could add some badging classes for the laser engraver and the 3D printer? I see only 2 in the next 2 months and they are both filled with a wait list. Thank you!


Thank you for your comment. We will keep that in mind and see what we can do. Unfortunately, the schedule is fairly full right now. We do have an online badging video that you can watch and take a quick test to be badged on using the Lulzbot 3D printers in the makerspaces. That is available at this link: We are working to create a video for the laser, as well.

Thank you.

I would like to make a 2D scan of the top of my electric guitar body, so I can then design a custom pickguard to cut out of thin wood on the Epilog laser at 21c. Are there any apps (seems like embroidery apps might exist) which allow one to take photos, perhaps with a scale attached to the photographed object, for digitizing and use in CAD software to eventually output a dxf file?

Do you have a way to convert 8mm to DVD?


Thank you for your interest in our conversion machines. Unfortunately, we only have a machine that converts VHS tapes to DVD.


Our self-check machines have chip readers for bill payments, but other than that we do not have anything that would read a smart card. Please let us know if we can assist further or if we didn't understand your question.

Thank you!

Hi what is the Page for tutorial videos for makerspace?

I would like to know how much the average 3d print would cost a ppld patron. it varies, but having an idea will help me to gauge if I should use these services.


Thank you for your interest in 3D printing at PPLD. The cost of 3D printing is $.05/gram for ABS and PLA filaments, and $.10/gram for conductive and magnetic filaments. The completed project and any support materials are weighed to determine the cost. On average, most people's projects only cost a few dollars, but it depends on the scope of the item.


I need to join the class to make a logo. Please tell me what is next.

Thanks for your comment. Are you looking for a class specific to creating logos (like graphic design or image editing), or are you looking for a class on how to use the machinery at the library?

Good Morning,

Was curious to the badging process for Epilog Helix 75 Watt Laser Engraver/Cutter.

It similar to the CNC? "Badging for the CNC machine at Library 21c is available as an in person, one-on-one appointment with a Library
21c makerspace staff member."

Most appreciated,


Hello, thanks for contacting us about the badging process for using an Epilog Laser Engraver / Cutter. Class badging for the Laser Cutter / Engravers takes place at Library 21c and Sand Creek Library. The Laser Cutter / Engraver badging is honored at East Library, Library 21c, and Sand Creek Library. Registration is required to participate in a badging class. Please check our calendar for upcoming classes, using the keywords “laser cutter/engraver badging”.

Can we request a certain filament for the Lulzbot 3d printer? I would like to try and print something out of one of the materials on their website to see what kind of finish it produces.


Thank you for your interest in 3D printing at the library. A variety of factors come into play when we consider adding other filaments to our offerings. If you have a suggestion, please let us know. However, we cannot guarantee that it will be added to our selection.

I would like to know more about how this event works and what it is?
By what I read children from all ages are welcome to come and create different things, from art to 3D printing?
It looks fun, where could I get more information. I am curious if this is something I could volunteer for?
Please let me know , Thank you for your time!

Hello, thank you for your interest! Could you please let us know which event you are referring to so that we can better answer your question?


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