Book Review: Bruchko: The Motilone Miracle

Olson, Bruce
4 stars = Really Good

Before I get very far, I must point out that this book is appropriate for a mature 12-year old, I think. Anyway, this incrediblely true story of Bruce Olson's life, written by Olson, was an excellent source of GOOD-QUALITY reading that is so hard to find in today's world. Bruce is a missionary to the Motilone Indians in Venezuela, South America. He is captured and held hostage by guerillas, and by the Motilones themselves. He describes a night where he woke up and was sandwiched between two large and poisonous snakes. And then there's the tapeworm! I first heard of a book where a man pulls a tapeworm out of his mouth. Don't worry; it's not descriptive there! This is an excellent book that held my attention and encouraged me greatly.

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