Human Library: Real People, Real Conversations

A library of human beings, the Human Library is a collection of people from all walks of life featuring “human books” available for "checkout." Individuals serve as human “books” and participants can “read” the book by engaging in a conversation with the book on loan. Readers have the opportunity to have a 20-minute conversation with their book selections.

Click here for additional information about the program and to preview the 2020 titles!

You may reserve your favorite title by calling (719) 389-8968 between March 2nd and March 6th. Walk-Ins will also be available on the day of the event.


Thank you for your feedback on our service, and we apologize if you did not experience good customer service within one of our buildings. Pikes Peak Library District is committed to helping everyone throughout El Paso County access the resources they need to achieve their individual goals, and providing good customer service to every patron is certainly a very important part of that. We would like to hear more about any negative experience you may have had. Please feel free to reach out to Kayah Swanson at or (719) 531-6333, x6302 to discuss your experience further.

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