The Jean Ciavonne Poetry Contest

The Jean Ciavonne Poetry Contest

Hope is Where the Heart Is: Poems of Inspiration for the Future is the theme for 2021!

What gives you hope? What are you excited about for the future?
There is a saying that "Every cloud has a silver lining," meaning that no matter how bad things may seem we can always find something good to look forward to. What is your "silver lining?"

Questions to ask yourself as you write your poem:

  1. Can we see, smell, hear, and taste the imagery in your poem?
  2. Have you used rich vocabulary that tells us a story or paints a picture?
  3. Does your poem reflect the theme?

2021 Winners:


What type of poems are acceptable? We study haiku, limericks, and couplets in my class. Would any of those be ok?

Do the poems have to be submitted by a teacher? Can my fifth grader submit their poem outside of school?

Poems do not need to be submitted by a teacher. They can be submitted by individual students.

Hi Isaac,
Thanks for your question. The poem can be any written form of poetry. The poems will be judged on originality, including poem title and adherence to the theme.

Before school closes out for the year, will we get to announce the winners? Thanks