Winter Adult Reading Program: Imagine Your Story

Winter Adult Reading Program: Imagine Your Story

Spring is here, but it’s not too late to join the Winter Adult Reading Program! Imagine Your Story: Fantasy, Mythology, and Fairy Tales, the 2020 Winter Adult Reading Program, is extended until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All prizes are being held until PPLD locations reopen. Sign up today - just click below!

Click here to register.

To complete the Winter Adult Reading Program, you can either read eight books, or read four books and complete four virtual activities.

Need some suggestions for activities? We’re here to help:

  • Write a book review.
  • Read a book you should have read in high school or college.
  • Read a new genre. Get suggestions here.
  • Read a book about a place you would like to visit.
  • Read a book and then watch the movie it’s based on (use Hoopla or Kanopy with your Library card to watch the movie!).
  • Sign up for a Nextreads Newsletter.
  • Explore the PPLD Digital Collections.
  • Participate in an online book discussion (details to come!).

We believe your hard work should be rewarded, so once you complete all eight activities, visit any Library location to pick up a chocolate bar from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, an enamel pin, and a mug. Open to ages 18+.

Click here for a printable reading log.


Do Teen Fiction books count towards the needed books for the program?

Yes, teen fiction books count. We know that many adults enjoy reading teen fiction. Thanks for the question!

Is there supposed to be a link for a printable reading log? I find that easier to use than Beanstack.

This year on the last page of the there is an added the extra activity of coloring in a tentacle for each book read and activity completed. You can write down or keep track of the titles and/or activities you have completed in any way that is convenient for you.


How do you verify that someone read the books they say they read?

Hi! We don't verify what books, audiobooks, ebooks, etc. that people have read for the Winter Adult Reading Program. Please let us know if you have any further questions.


1. There is no printable log that I can find. The page that was sent is just an explanation of the program no log to write book titles.
2. I have checked off as I read books that I read a book but it does not show up on the calendar with a dot.
Tried to sign up for newsletters and the page won’t accept my email. Love the yearly reading program for adults but your page is very confusing and not as intuitive as I think you think it is.

I, too, think your adult reading program is a great program, but have really found this year quite confusing. I think adding programs is a plus, but have not been able to attend. My love is reading a good book, and it did not take me long to get to eight read.
I had asked one of the contact people at Library 21, what was needed and she seemed as confused as myself.

Thank you for your comments. We added programs to the Winter Adult Reading Program in 2019. We realize that for some people reading 8 books in 8 weeks can be hard to achieve. So we wanted to add the option of attending 4 programs in place of 4 books. Please let us know if you have any further questions.


Do ALL books from any category count?

PPLD has closed physical locations due to current events. Will the pick up of rewards be cancelled or delayed?

You can write down or keep track of the titles and/or activities you have completed in any way that is convenient for you, we don't verify or keep track of titles. Hope this helps!

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